Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Smacked by Inspiration

My blog used to be a pretty active place. Each day, a new picture. Maybe even a backstory to go with it. People liked it, but for some reason, it got away from me. I know what it was. Life. Life consumed my time. Kids activities, community activities, work activities. Sometimes there were no activities at all and I just wanted to be lazy. It's not the taking of pictures that stopped. Oh no, I kept clicking away. I just couldn't find the time to set myself down in front of my computer to edit a picture and post it at the end of my day. All I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep.

I also stopped reading some of my favorite blogs. In other words, I stopped opening myself to inspiration from others. Wow, have I missed that. I don't know why, but recently I visited one of my favorite blogs of all time, shuttersmack, and it all started to come back to me. That girl Leslie, she does it right. She's living life in a city she loves with the man she loves doing what she loves...and she's sharing that love with the world through her blog. Shuttersmack is probably the best photo blog I visit. The layout, the imagery, the's just spot on. It's like the Taj Mahal of photo blogs. (A close second is her friend Margaret's blog. A different style, but the images are just as rich and the links she shares are a riot!) I realized that it might be time to breathe life back into this blog again. It'll probably be uneven baby steps at first, then eventually I can hit full stride. I'm looking forward to it.

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Leslie said...

Mike! I just found this post -- too kind. I am so glad you like the blog :) That's so flattering. Thank you for the post.